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Testimonial from a ‘Primary School’ about their success with ‘Glider Bikes’
just wanted to let you know my son who has aspergers loves the glide bike he was on it straight away and went round and round the campsite we usually can not get him to move from the caravan
Dear Joe,
Just a short update here from Denmark. See enclosed movie. This is Svend on his ordinary bike after only 3-4 months of using our Glide Bike. The movie is a couple of weeks old, and he improved even more since then. Fantastic - and we are sure that this break-through would not have happened without the Glide Bike :)
Kind regards -Heidi Rasmussen
Hiya Joe
George is doing fantastically well with his bike, he has mastered the gliding even going around corners, at a fair old speed too, and is thoroughly enjoying using his bike, he even managed a few pedals on his BMX bike the other day, but we are not going to push it until he has the confidence to do it himself. We are delighted Joe, thanks again

Hi Joe

My 8 year old daughter T has recently had the pleasure of using your glider bike at a cycling course held by her OT Lucy at Bullion Lane Primary School in Chester le Street.  She went from not being able to ride her bike to riding with confidence in just 2 hrs after using your glider! The service you provide is second to non and the outcome is fantastic.  She has even been able to go for bike rides with her friends without me worrying that she wont manage.  Thank you so much for your help and support.