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Despite all our encouragement, which included several different bikes, stabiliser adjustments, pushing, towing, and lots of gasping for breath as well as professionally run courses, there had been an increasing amount of frustration on all our parts as eventually my six year old son used up every excuse in the book to avoid going anywhere near a bike never mind sit on one or ride it. It was clear he was going to be 'one of those' children who would never learn to ride a bike, despite his twin sister riding a bike since being under five. To all intents and purpose we gave up. As part of my job as a Paediatric Physiotherapist I had seen balance bikes advertised in several publications and had read a report from another Physiotherapist who had a good result with her child. Unfortunately all the bikes I looked at were too small. When my son was six and a half I was made aware of glider bikes and we got the Go glider model three months ago. My initial impression was of the light weight of the glider bike compared to my son's latest bicycle. I was also very impressed with the quality of construction and finish. My son liked the brake, side stand and the wheels which 'were like Daddy's motorbike'. However, despite this positive first impression my son was still very reluctant to try it, as after so much failure he was convinced he wouldn't be able to manage it.
One Saturday morning as my wife left to go shopping her parting words were ‘just see if he will have a go on that glider bike '. Having spent the previous few days trying the pedal bike with varying degrees of failure, I have to say I was not keen. After a little bribery an agreement was made where he would have a go, in exchange for his favourite batman DVD on the TV. We started off with a gentle push and glide to see how far we could go with a new greater distance and much praise every time he beat the last ‘world record'.
By the time my wife returned for lunch, he was using the glider bike independently, happy and keen for her to see his skill (and the batman DVD was forgotten). When she popped out for an hour later in the afternoon, he asked for another go 'just to see if he could still do it'. I suggested we get his bike as well, to see what it was like compared to his glider bike. We had a quick push and I said if he felt like it he should have a go at pedalling. To my utter astonishment he proceeded to pedal off into the distance (it turns out, too scared to turn and unable to stop because the brakes were too stiff compared to the glider bike!) upon my wife's return she was amazed to see a child who that morning was positively unwilling to even sit on a bike proudly pedalling up and down outside our house! I would love to think that this was due to my skill but in reality I know it was down to the glider bike. In the following weeks he has used his glider bike to try new things transferring these skills to his push-bike.

The only negative is the fighting between him, his sister and their friends over who gets to use it! I am quite confident that without the glider bike my  son would have not learned to ride a bike. We were all completely disheartened and this was our last go. Having seen the change in my son, I cannot recommend the product highly enough and am more than happy to provide this testimonial.