Leisure organisations have a brilliant new activity to add to their portfolio; previously limited to 2-5 year olds! ‘Glide Bikes extended range now allows 5-10 year olds to also enjoy this new fun and exciting riding experience.... ’Gliding’

New Riders!
Learning to ride and glide is easy and safe! Children feel secure from the outset as both feet are firmly on the ground. They begin simply by walking and increase pace as their confidence and ‘Balance’ develops and very soon... ‘Gliding’.

Experienced Riders
Enjoy this new riding experience immediately by ‘Gliding’ using both feet to propel the super lightweight machine and using the unique ‘foot pegs’ during motion.

Inside or Outside
Glide Bikes design geometry and low centre of gravity allows maximum usage inside as well as out because of easy control and stability with balance achieved at a minuscule 1.5 mph

Exercise Fun
Glide Bike riders have great fun and exercise simultaneously
Learning If you can walk...... You can ‘Glide’ Call for special package price
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