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Review: Glide Bikes for Children with Autism
Written by Kevin Schneider on 17 August 2010

Learning how to ride a bike is a big step for any child, let alone a child with autism.  Further, figuring out how to teach a child with autism to ride a bike safely can be a nightmare for a parent.  In many cases, this is something that is never mastered by their child with autism.

They struggle with the motor and balance skills required to ride a bike.  A child that has sensory issues might be uncomfortable with the seating of the bike and the fact they cannot keep their feet on the ground.  Figuring out how to operate the pedals of the bike correctly can also be too much to handle.  For a child with autism, the process of learning how to ride a bike should be broken down so they can take their time initially getting comfortable with the bike and building confidence.

After learning about the glide bike and taking a look at one first hand, I can say that it has a very friendly set-up that caters to the struggles children with autism may encounter.

Glide Bikes are built for safety; they are balance bikes first and foremost.  They have no pedals and a low center of gravity, so children can mount the bike while conveniently keeping their feet on the ground.  They start out by propelling the bike forward with their feet, slowly learning how to balance the bike and “glide along” with their feet off the ground.  Since the Glide Bike doesn’t have pedals, the child doesn’t have to feel overwhelmed; they can instead focus on mastering their balance.

Without the added support of  training wheels or a tricycle, a child immediately starts to understand how a two-wheel bike feels.  Glide Bikes give children the opportunity to practice shifting their weight as they would if they were riding a regular bike.  Not to mention, the physical benefits yielded during an afternoon spent on a Glide Bike can be utilized throughout various athletic activities, such as skipping or schoolyard activities with friends.

In addition, the bikes are lightweight and are built to maintain balance at the slowest speed possible, which makes the Glide Bike the safest balance bike on the market.

The bikes come in an assortment of sizes, and can be enjoyed by everyone; from two-year-olds to adults  End

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