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Balance Bike by -

Raise the seat so it is high into the crotch area with the legs straight and can also sit well back on the seat and still place their feet ‘FLAT’ to the ground without crouching . Commence the learning process at a comfortable walking pace. Use an area of training which has a very slight decline, preferably with a ‘run off area’ (grass). The ‘Glider’ will ‘Balance’ at the slowest of speed’ (1.5mph). Don’t use the ‘Foot Pegs’ at this stage. As the rider is beginning to move at an increased speed, get them to lift their feet whilst travelling to check they are beginning to ‘Balance’.
Then raise the seat just slightly, so they are beginning to walk on the ‘BALLS’ of their feet and repeat the practice process. When the rider is comfortable and confident with the progress and beginning to ‘Balance’, ‘Turn Out’ the foot pegs and let them place one foot on the ‘Peg’ and propel with the other foot, again on the slight declined area, as this also helps propel the ‘Glider’ forward without much effort on their part.

Try and get the rider to focus on a point ahead, rather than looking down at the bike or legs.

The above is for guidance purposes - only

Hope this helps!