Mail: Glide 16 Cheviot Road - Chester le Street - County Durham - England - DH2 3AL
0191 389 4440
Dear Mr Mulcahy,
I am writing to you with a progress report concerning the Glider Bikes we purchased from you earlier this year.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, the Glider Bikes have proved to be a huge success with our children. They are extremely popular and are always in use as soon as we are outdoors, being the first piece of equipment that the children ask for.
There have also been many other benefits for the children apart from just being a fun and exciting activity. We have noticed:
Increased balance and co-ordination skills with children moving at a greater pace and for longer distances before needing to put their feet on the ground.  
They are also show greater spatial awareness and an understanding of how an increase in speed will need to be matched by looking further ahead to look for upcoming obstacles and allowing for a greater breaking distance.
An understanding of why a crash helmet must be used before being allowed to use a Glider.
Better skills of co-operation while waiting in orderly lines for their turn.

Transferring knowledge and techniques of how to get the best performance from a Glider through discussion with their friends and observation of their peers in action.
The Glider Bikes have been a valuable resource in our children's development and we look forward to increasing our stock in the future. I would be happy to recommend the product to other schools, parents and sporting agencies.
Yours sincerely,
Andrew Bell

Newker Primary School
Chester le Street
County Durham
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