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Most children would like the ability to ride a bicycle, some are unfortunately restricted by ‘Balance’ and other issues. ‘Glide Bikes’ are super light weight, with a lower centre of gravity and increased stability make it an easier and safer way to learn to ride and assist with ‘Balance’  and ‘Co-ordination’.

Children learn at their own pace and so feel more secure as both feet are on the ground. Initially they start by walking and then increase pace as their confidence grows and could soon be enjoying the new cool riding experience of ’GLIDING’ without the restriction of stabilisers.

Traditionally ‘Balance Bikes’ were made for 2-5 year olds, the ‘Mini Glider’. ‘Glide Bikes’ extended range with the ‘Go Glider’ for the 5-10 age group, allowing older children to develop their riding skill and experience the benefit of two wheeled travel and may also help with their personal development and confidence building. And now to complete the range for 10 years to teen or adult, the brilliant ‘Super Glider’ which is also a bike. The Super Gilder's pedals (supplied) can be readily fitted and fold in or out to suit the riding mood.
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