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Testimonial for Glider Bikes

As Children’s therapists we have quite regularly run groups during holiday periods to help children who have difficulty with riding bicycles for a variety of different reasons, these could be co-ordination disorders, autism or general global delay among other conditions.

Recently we had an autistic child in our group who refused point blank to try and ride her own bike as there was presumably too much to think about. When she was presented with the ‘Glider Bike’ it was a totally different story. She absolutely loved it and very quickly even on the first day progressed from just walking along while seated on the saddle to actually having both feet up on the balance pegs as the bike rolled along down a slight slope.

What I think is so good about the ‘Glider Bikes’ is that the child is in complete control at all times. The saddle is only gradually raised as the child gains confidence. If they are ever anxious they can simply put both feet down and the glide bike stops.  This same child by the third day actually decided that she wanted to try out her new skill on her own bike. As she was now confident at balancing she was able to concentrate on pedalling and within a very short space of time was pedalling at a great pace to her own sheer joy and everyone else’s delighted amazement!

I can highly recommend these ‘Glider Bikes’ to anyone who has a child who for whatever reason finds cycling a daunting prospect. They boost confidence, gross motor skills and mean that the children can then join in the fun that their peers and siblings are already enjoying.

Fiona Holburn  

Paediatric Physiotherapist.
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